Statistics 20.9% remember who gave them the promotional product

52.6% have a favorable impression of the giver of a promotional product

14.7% Contacted the giver of promotional product 3x greater chance of receiving sales from a promotional product than any other media


Ask The Expert

Q. In this slow economy how can we maximize our marketing dollars with promotional products?

A. Successful business owners know they need to continue marketing during an economic downturn. That's why businesses rely on a repeatable marketing system of usable promotional products that are seen and used over and over again. A recent survey revealed the most common reasons businesses give promotional products are: To thank customers:70% To build goodwill: 66% To Develope business: 50% To recognize employee performance or longevity, 50% To generate referrals 31% A repeatable marketing system gets your company name on promotional products that are used and seen daily giving you a great return on your investment. A trip to our showroom allows you the opportunity to determine the right products so your message gets seen repeatedly through out the lifetime of the product.

Q. Our company exhibits at several tradeshows. What promotional product would give us the greatest return on our investment?

A. Trade show bags are the foundation of events. Your company name is seen again and again as the attendees travel throughout the event gathering information. Lanyards and name badge holders displaying the attendees name give substantial exposure to logos and company names imprinted on them. Name badge holders designed with pen loops, business card pockets and zipper compartments are a versatile item that is saved and used at other expos throughout the products life. The biggest tradeshow pitfalls are lost business cards after the show. Buyers from the tradeshow fail to find you because the business card cannot be found. Avoid the lost business card syndrome by handing out promotional items such as pens, notepads and magnets. These useful items give your company name exposure while waiting for the buying decision to be made. Studies show notepads increase sales 20%, pens pass through 14 peoples hands before being discarded and magnets on the refrigerator give 40 daily exposures. Tablecloths branded with your logo placed in the front of your booth will raise your professional profile. Matching logoed shirts worn by staff allows quick recognition by attendees for questions and information.

Q. How do we get high-impact, low-cost marketing?

A. Successful business know they need to continue marketing during economic downturn. That's why many companies rely on promotional products that make postitive impressions for years to come. You don't have to spend a lot to make a big impact. For greater results on a tight budget, look for three characteristics: Usefulness - Choose something that will be used again and again. Visibility - Select an item that will be seen on a daily basis such as a clock, calendar, drinkware, refrigerator magnet, or paper clip holder. Value - You can get more bang for your buck by choosing something with a high perceived value. If you select a pen, for example, opt for one with metallic accents that make it look expensive. You can add value to a mug by including packets of tea or candy inside. When most companies are cutting back, your customers will notice and appreciate receiving useful items from your company.

Q: How do we choose the right promotional product?

A: The number one reason people keep promotinal products is USEFULNESS! A 2004 survey at a major airport, reported 71% had recieved a promotional product in the last twelve months. Those surveyed reported doing business with the advertiser. Promotional products provide advertisers with: - High recall of the advertisers name - Repeated exposure during the products's life - A more favorable impression of the advertiser - Increased desire to do business with the organization giving the item.

Q: This Slow Economy has taken a huger hit on our marketing dollars. How can we maximize our marketing dollars with promotional products?

A: In this economy its time to go back to the basics. There is a marketing term called bootstrapping - the art of business building with the cash you have in hand. We're so fortunate to have more effective, yet inexpensive promotional products available to us tha ever before. Our suppliers are offering better prices than ever and we pass those special prices on to our customers for additional savings. Currently through the end of June our customers are taking advantage of early order pricing on calendars for 2009. Through the summer months there are endless specials on water bottles, Frisbees, sun visors, caps, summer clothing, sunscreen and many more. Our specialty is to know the brest buys and pass those savings along to our customers.

Q: How can my company be sure the product we order is the right quality/image we want for our company?

A: Know your product before you order. A trip to our showroom allows you to see firsthand innovative items to market your business. The showroom is full of 100's of thousands of promotional products allowing you to pay attention to design and function to determine the products that have staying power so your message gets seen over and over again. When you pick the right product you're copmpany name is there every day, so that message is continually reinforced.

Q: Since we are asking more from our employees in the slower economy, what is the best way to reward and motivate valued employees?

A: Employees love to know their efforts are appreciated and have not been forgotton. Studies show premiums improve employee loyalty, morale and productivity. Durabilty and longevity is the most important characteristic of employee reward and appreciation gifts. Popular items like clocks, clothing and drinkware remind the employee that they are appreciated over and over again. Remember-- A survey from the Society of Human Resources Managers states that 70% of employees leave their managers due to lack of appreciation.

Q: This is typically a slow time of year for our restaurant. What are some low-cost ways we can boost business?

A: Something as simple as a magnet stapled to your To-Go orders can bring a great return on investment. Take it a step further and add a magnetic coupon for the return visit. Bump up the usability of the magnet and do a magnetic frame for the fridge for the kids latest pictures. Some restaurants are mailing magnets with multiple coupons for each month of the slow time.

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